Shu Qian Liu Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science, McCormick Engineering and Applied Science, Biomedical Engineering

Shu Qian Liu

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Cardiovascular regenerative engineering; Hepatic cell mobilization; Myocardial ischemia; hepatic cell mediation of cardioprotection; Vascular smooth muscle cells; Liver; Biotechnology; Regenerative medicine

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Research Statement: My research is focused on cardiovascular regenerative engineering, the engineering aspect of cardiovascular regenerative medicine. One of the ongoing research projects is to investigate the role of the liver in myocardial protection and regeneration following experimental myocardial ischemia. Hepatocytes can naturally respond to myocardial ischemia to express secreted factors, which contribute to the protection and regeneration of injured myocardium. These secreted factors can be identified, produced by recombinant biotechnology, and used to mitigate myocardial infarction and promote myocardial regeneration in coronary heart disease. Another research topic is enhancement of endothelial cell retention in arterial substitutes. Molecular engineering approaches are developed and used to activate endothelial cell adhesion-promoting molecules and/or suppress endothelial cell adhesion-inhibiting molecules, thus enhancing endothelial cell retention and mitigating arterial substitute intimal hyperplasia and restenosis. Overall, the goals of our research are to enhance protection and regeneration of injured myocardium and improve the performance of reconstructed arteries by developing and using engineering technologies.


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