Tatyana Simuni Feinberg School of Medicine, Feinberg Clinical, Neurology

Tatyana Simuni

    Feinberg School of Medicine
    Feinberg Clinical
    Current Appointments:

    Professor; Neurology; Feinberg School of Medicine

    Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr. Research Professorship in Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders; Neurology; Feinberg School of Medicine

Research Interest Keywords

Clinical Trial Methodology, Drug Discovery, Movement Control

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Research Statement: Dr Simuni joined the faculty of the Northwestern University Feinberg school of Medicine in 2000 to build and lead a multidisciplinary movement disorders center that is recognized by the National Parkinson’s Foundation as a Center of Excellence and serves as a training model in the region. Her research interests are focused on development of disease modifying ( neuroprotective ) interventions in Parkinson’s disease (PD). She is the lead investigator of a number of clinical trials on experimental pharmacology, non-motor manifestations, and pharmacological and surgical management of PD. As the Principal Investigator of the multicenter Parkinson Study Group (PSG) Phase II study of isradipine as potential disease modifying agent in early PD (STEADY PD) and more recently NET PD FS-Zone studies as well as a member of the Steering Committees on a number of national studies including PPMI, she has developed expertise in design and coordination of multicenter studies. She is actively involved with the PSG where she is an active member of three PSG working groups and Chair of the Classic Motor group. She serves on the Steering Committees for the National Parkinson Foundation.


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