Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Cytokine-free directed differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells efficiently produces hemogenic endothelium with lymphoid potential

  • Yekaterina Galat (Creator)
  • Svetlana Dambaeva (Creator)
  • Irina Elcheva (Creator)
  • Aaruni Khanolkar (Contributor)
  • Kenneth Beaman (Creator)
  • Philip M Iannaccone (Creator)
  • Vasiliy Galat (Creator)



showing characterization of iPSC-SR2 and gating strategy for lymphoid cell analysis. (A) Normal karyotype of iPSC-SR2. (B) Pluripotency assessment results of iPSC-SR2 by PluriTest. (C) Gating strategy for identifying various lymphoid cells in differentiating cultures after CHIR99021 induction and OP9 coculture induction. R1 representing CD45+ showing CD15, CD56, CD16, or CD94 expression, while none of these markers are present on cells in R2. (TIF 10931Â kb)
Date made available2017

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