Additional file 1 of Evidence-based cardiovascular magnetic resonance cost-effectiveness calculator for the detection of significant coronary artery disease

  • Ankur Pandya (Creator)
  • Yuan Jui Yu (Creator)
  • Yin Ge (Creator)
  • E. Nagel (Creator)
  • Raymond Y. Kwong (Creator)
  • Rafidah Abu Bakar (Creator)
  • John D. Grizzard (Creator)
  • Alexander E. Merkler (Creator)
  • Ntobeko Ntusi (Creator)
  • Steffen E. Petersen (Creator)
  • Nina Rashedi (Creator)
  • Juerg Schwitter (Creator)
  • Joseph B. Selvanayagam (Creator)
  • James A. White (Creator)
  • James Carr (Creator)
  • Subha V. Raman (Creator)
  • Orlando Simonetti (Creator)
  • C. Bucciarelli-Ducci (Creator)
  • Lilia M. Sierra-Galan (Creator)
  • Victor A. Ferrari (Creator)
  • Mona Bhatia (Creator)
  • Sebastian Kelle (Creator)



Additional file 1. Users can enter model inputs that relate to their population of interest (e.g., age, probability of patient having treatable CAD), imaging strategies (sensitivity, specificity, cost), treatments (e.g., effectiveness, risks, and costs of revascularization procedures), and other variables (e.g., willingness-to-pay for health, discount rate), to then see how these collection of inputs translates to lifetime per-person net monetary benefit (i.e., an overall metric of value using cost-effectiveness analysis), lifetime discounted quality-adjusted life years (i.e., the main measure of effectiveness), and lifetime discounted costs. Default input values for the US are provided in the model file.
Date made available2022

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