Additional file 1 of Gliosarcoma vs. glioblastoma: a retrospective case series using molecular profiling

  • Christopher Dardis (Creator)
  • David Donner (Creator)
  • Nader Sanai (Creator)
  • Joanne Xiu (Creator)
  • Sandeep Mittal (Creator)
  • Sharon K. Michelhaugh (Creator)
  • Manjari Pandey (Creator)
  • Santosh Kesari (Creator)
  • Amy B Heimberger (Creator)
  • Zoran Gatalica (Creator)
  • Michael W. Korn (Creator)
  • Ashley Sumrall (Creator)
  • S. Phuphanich (Creator)



Additional file 1 This is a spreadsheet in the Excel file format. It contains the following worksheets: • title-page. The title of the manuscript and the author list. • data1. The data-set used for analysis. • key1. The key to data1 above. This file can be opened with any common spreadsheet software e.g. LibreOffice, Excel.
Date made available2021

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