Additional file 1 of Mutant resources for functional genomics in Dictyostelium discoideum using REMI-seq technology

  • Nicole Gruenheit (Creator)
  • Amy Baldwin (Creator)
  • Balint Stewart (Creator)
  • Sarah Jaques (Creator)
  • Thomas Keller (Creator)
  • Katie Parkinson (Creator)
  • William Salvidge (Creator)
  • Robert Baines (Creator)
  • Chris Brimson (Creator)
  • Jason B. Wolf (Creator)
  • Rex L Chisholm (Creator)
  • Adrian J. Harwood (Creator)
  • Christopher R.L. Thompson (Creator)
  • Rex Chisholm (Creator)



Additional file 1. Lookup table for all possible insertion sites in the D. discoideum genome. Using the complete genome sequences of Dictyostelium discoideum the positions of all DpnII (GATC) and NlaIII (CATG) sites were identified as well as 20 bp up- and downstream of the recognition sites (genomic tags; Tab 1). Then, the number of occurrences of each tag in the genome as well as the location within or between genes was determined using this lookup table and the annotation File obtained from dictyBase. On top of this, the number of possible insertion sites was determined for each annotated gene (13,411; Tab 2) and all promoter regions (1,000 bp before the start codon). A short summary can be found in Tab 3.
Date made available2021

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