Additional file 1: of Rapid-Onset Obesity with Hypothalamic Dysfunction, Hypoventilation, and Autonomic Dysregulation (ROHHAD): exome sequencing of trios, monozygotic twins and tumours

  • Sarah F. Barclay (Creator)
  • Casey M. Rand (Creator)
  • Lauren A. Borch (Creator)
  • Lisa Nguyen (Creator)
  • Paul A. Gray (Creator)
  • William T. Gibson (Creator)
  • Richard J.A. Wilson (Creator)
  • Paul Gordon (Creator)
  • Zaw Aung (Contributor)
  • Elizabeth M. Berry-Kravis (Creator)
  • Diego Ize-Ludlow (Creator)
  • Debra E Weese-Mayer (Creator)
  • N. Torben Bech-Hansen (Contributor)



Low-coverage proportions of candidate genes in replication exomes. (XLSX 43 kb)
Date made available2015

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