Additional file 1 of Subtype-associated epigenomic landscape and 3D genome structure in bladder cancer

  • Tejaswi Iyyanki (Contributor)
  • Baozhen Zhang (Contributor)
  • Qixuan Wang (Creator)
  • Ye Hou (Creator)
  • Qiushi Jin (Contributor)
  • Jie Xu (Creator)
  • Hongbo Yang (Contributor)
  • Tingting Liu (Contributor)
  • Xiaotao Wang (Creator)
  • Fan Song (Creator)
  • Yu Luan (Creator)
  • Hironobu Yamashita (Creator)
  • Ruby Chien (Creator)
  • Huijue Lyu (Contributor)
  • Lijun Zhang (Contributor)
  • Lu Wang (Creator)
  • Joshua I. Warrick (Creator)
  • Jay D. Raman (Creator)
  • Joshua J Meeks (Creator)
  • David J. DeGraff (Creator)
  • Feng Yue (Creator)



Additional file 1: Table S1. Classification results for each sample using consensusMIBC.
Date made available2021

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