Additional file 10: Figure S10. of Expression and functional analysis of the Wnt/beta-catenin induced mir-135a-2 locus in embryonic forebrain development



Little to no change in cortical hem of Emx1::Cre;mir-135a-2OE;mir-135a-2 +/- mutant mice. (A-B) ish showing cortical hem marker Wnt3a in E12.5 control (Emx1::Cre;mir-135a-2 +/-) (A) and mutant (Emx1::Cre;mir-135a-2OE;mir-135a-2 +/-) (B) brains. ch, cortical hem. Scale bar 100Â Îźm. (TIF 542Â kb)
Date made available2016

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