Additional file 11: of BMP-dependent, injury-induced stem cell niche as a mechanism of heterotopic ossification

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Figure S8. Evidence of depletion of Gli1 in the target cells. The depletion of Gli1 in the target cells was confirmed by staining the tissue sections of Nse-BMP4;Gli1-creERT−/−;Zsgreen mice (A, low power &B, high power), and the tissues of Nse-BMP4;Gli1-creERT+/−;Zsgreen (C, low power &D, high power) mice with Gli1 antibody. Note that there is no specific staining of Gli1 (red) in the lesional tissues from Nse-BMP4;Gli1-creERT−/−;Zsgreen mice, while the specific staining of Gli1 (red) was observed in the Zsgreen+ cells in the proposed MSC niche in lesional tissues from Nse-BMP4;Gli1-creERT+/−;Zsgreen mice. (JPG 822 kb)
Date made available2019

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