Additional file 11 of Histone tail analysis reveals H3K36me2 and H4K16ac as epigenetic signatures of diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma

  • Shejuan An (Contributor)
  • Jeannie M. Camarillo (Creator)
  • Tina Y. Huang (Creator)
  • Daphne Li (Creator)
  • Juliette A. Morris (Creator)
  • Madeline A. Zoltek (Creator)
  • Jin Qi (Creator)
  • Mandana Behbahani (Contributor)
  • Madhuri Kambhampati (Creator)
  • Neil L Kelleher (Creator)
  • Javad Nazarian (Creator)
  • Paul M. Thomas (Creator)
  • Amanda M. Saratsis (Northwestern University) (Creator)



Additional file 11: S11. Validation of changes in H3K27M and H3K27Ac in DIPG cells after Bromodomain inhibition. A Western blot of extracted histones for H3K27M and H3K27Ac from DIPG cell lines SF8628 and DIPG007 after 24 h of Bromodomain inhibition was performed in triplicate and compared to DMSO treated controls. B, C Bar graphs depicting mean OD value ± SEM across replicates for each treatment group, with p-values for between group comparisons (Independent-sample t test, two-tailed).
Date made available2020

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