Additional file 2: of Adapting medical guidelines to be patient-centered using a patient-driven process for individuals with sickle cell disease and their caregivers

  • Robert M. Cronin (Creator)
  • Tilicia L. Mayo-Gamble (Contributor)
  • Sarah Jo Stimpson (Contributor)
  • Sherif M Badawy (Creator)
  • Lori Crosby (Creator)
  • Jeannie Byrd (Creator)
  • Emmanuel J. Volanakis (Creator)
  • Adetola Kassim (Contributor)
  • Jean L. Raphael (Creator)
  • Velma Murry (Creator)
  • Michael R. Debaun (Creator)



List of questions asked at the community forums. These are the questions that were asked of participants at the community forums. (XLSX 12 kb)
Date made available2018

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