Additional file 2 of Application of a framework to guide genetic testing communication across clinical indications

  • Miranda L.G. Hallquist (Creator)
  • Eric P. Tricou (Creator)
  • K. E. Ormond (Creator)
  • Juliann M. Savatt (Creator)
  • Curtis R. Coughlin (Creator)
  • W. Andrew Faucett (Contributor)
  • Laura Hercher (Creator)
  • Howard P. Levy (Creator)
  • Julianne M. O’Daniel (Creator)
  • Holly Peay (Creator)
  • Melissa Stosic (Creator)
  • Maureen E Smith (Creator)
  • Wendy R. Uhlmann (Creator)
  • Hannah Wand (Creator)
  • Karen E. Wain (Creator)
  • Adam H. Buchanan (Creator)



Additional file 2: Supplementary Table S1. All CADRe communication recommendations for the standard testing indications.
Date made available2021

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