Additional file 2 of Maternal epigenetic clocks measured during pregnancy do not predict gestational age at delivery or offspring birth outcomes: a replication study in metropolitan Cebu, Philippines

  • Calen P. Ryan (Creator)
  • Raviraj J. Rege (Creator)
  • Nanette R. Lee (Creator)
  • Delia B. Carba (Creator)
  • Michael S. Kobor (Creator)
  • Julie L. MacIsaac (Creator)
  • David S. Lin (Creator)
  • Parmida Atashzay (Creator)
  • Christopher W Kuzawa (Creator)



Additional file 2. Full model estimates for the relationship between maternal epigenetic age and gestation age and offspring post-natal weight. Estimates for models including birth order, cell count estimates, and batch, chip, and row are also provided.
Date made available2022

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