Additional file 2: of The interaction of YBX1 with G3BP1 promotes renal cell carcinoma cell metastasis via YBX1/G3BP1-SPP1- NF-κB signaling axis

  • Yong Wang (Creator)
  • Jing Su (Creator)
  • Yiting Wang (Creator)
  • Donghe Fu (Contributor)
  • Justin E. Ideozu (Creator)
  • Hua Geng (Creator)
  • Qiqi Cui (Contributor)
  • Chao Wang (Creator)
  • Ruibing Chen (Contributor)
  • Yixi Yu (Contributor)
  • Yuanjie Niu (Contributor)
  • Dan Yue (Creator)



Figure S2. YBX1 regulates SPP1 to activate downstream NF-κB signaling pathway in RCC cells. (A) The genes regulated by YBX1 were enriched in sphingolipid metabolism, axon guidance, chemical carcinogenesis, cell adhesion molecules (CAMs), ECM-receptor interaction, tryptophan metabolism pathways. (B) Gene set enrichment analysis was performed to identify genes that have positive or negative correlations with YBX1 expression. Enrichment plots showed significant correlation of the EMT process. (C) Heat maps for genes upregulated or downregulated by YBX1 knockdown in EMT process. (D) YBX1 knockdown decreased the level of the SPP1 mRNA in 786–0 cells. (E) The expressions of YBX1, SPP1, p-p65 (Ser536), and total p65 were examined by western blot in A498-Scr and A498-shYBX1 cells. (F) 786–0 cells stably knockdown YBX1 and control cells were transiently with NF-κB pathway firefly luciferase reporter together with internal control Renilla luciferase reporter (pRL-TK) vector. Then, luciferase activity was measured using a dual-Luciferase Reporter Assay System (Promega). Statistically significant differences were indicated: **, p
Date made available2019

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