Additional file 3: of BMP-dependent, injury-induced stem cell niche as a mechanism of heterotopic ossification

  • Chen Kan (Creator)
  • Na Ding (Creator)
  • Jiazhao Yang (Contributor)
  • Zhenya Tan (Creator)
  • Tammy L. McGuire (Creator)
  • Haimei Lu (Contributor)
  • Keqin Zhang (Contributor)
  • Diana M Berger (Creator)
  • John Kessler (Creator)
  • Lixin Kan (Creator)



Figure S1. Representative X-ray/CT images of 8 patients with aHO. The number in each panel is the patientâ s coded serial number after deidentification of the images. (JPG 603 kb)
Date made available2019

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