Additional file 3: of The interaction of YBX1 with G3BP1 promotes renal cell carcinoma cell metastasis via YBX1/G3BP1-SPP1- NF-ÎşB signaling axis

  • Yong Wang (Creator)
  • Jing Su (Creator)
  • Yiting Wang (Creator)
  • Donghe Fu (Contributor)
  • Justin E. Ideozu (Creator)
  • Hua Geng (Creator)
  • Qiqi Cui (Contributor)
  • Chao Wang (Creator)
  • Ruibing Chen (Contributor)
  • Yixi Yu (Contributor)
  • Yuanjie Niu (Contributor)
  • Dan Yue (Creator)



Figure S3. Correlation between the expression of YBX1, G3BP1 and SPP1 from LinkedOmics database. (A) YBX1 was positively correlated with G3BP1. (B) G3BP1 was positively correlated with SPP1. (JPG 28 kb)
Date made available2019

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