Additional file 3 of Toothbrush microbiomes feature a meeting ground for human oral and environmental microbiota

  • Ryan Andrew Blaustein (Creator)
  • Lisa Marie Michelitsch (Contributor)
  • Adam J. Glawe (Creator)
  • Hansung Lee (Contributor)
  • Stefanie Huttelmaier (Creator)
  • Nancy Hellgeth (Creator)
  • Sarah Ben Maamar (Contributor)
  • Erica Marie Hartmann (Creator)
  • Ryan A. Blaustein (Creator)
  • Sarah Ben Maamar (Creator)



Additional file 2: Table S1. Frequency and relative abundance of microbial species detected in toothbrush metagenomes. Conserved taxa (i.e., at least 50% of samples) are in bold font.
Date made available2021

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