Additional file 4 of Differential gene expression associated with a floral scent polymorphism in the evening primrose Oenothera harringtonii (Onagraceae)

  • Lindsey L. Bechen (Creator)
  • Matthew G. Johnson (Creator)
  • Geoffrey T. Broadhead (Creator)
  • Rachel A. Levin (Creator)
  • Rick P. Overson (Creator)
  • Tania Jogesh (Creator)
  • Jeremie B. Fant (Chicago Botanic Garden) (Creator)
  • Robert A. Raguso (Creator)
  • Krissa A. Skogen (Chicago Botanic Garden) (Creator)
  • Norman J. Wickett (Chicago Botanic Garden) (Creator)



Additional file 4. Floral volatile data from parental field populations of Oenothera harringtonii used to set up transcriptomics experiments in greenhouse-grown plants.
Date made available2022

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