Additional file 5: of Early-life skin microbiota in hospitalized preterm and full-term infants

  • Noelle Younge (Creator)
  • Felix Araujo-Perez (Creator)
  • Debra Brandon (Creator)
  • Patrick Casey Seed (Creator)



Figure S3. Skin and oral microbiota of twin pairs. A. Characteristics of the five twin pairs that were included in the study are shown, including the gestational age (preterm or full-term), the postnatal age (in days) at the time of sample collection, and the percentage of oral and skin OTUs that were shared between the infants in each twin pair. The relative abundance of the top bacterial genera within the skin and oral microbiomes are shown for the individual infants (Twin A, Twin B) within each twin pair (Twin Pairs 1–5). B. Principal coordinates analysis of samples from the twins based on generalized UniFrac distances. The twin pairs (1–5) are grouped by color. (PPTX 363 kb)
Date made available2018

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