23 columns of ornament data in comma-separated-value (CSV) format with a single-row of column headers. Each column contains a variable number of rows. Column headers indicate ornament and first author of original publication where data was presented. See references in main text for full paper citations. Columns headers are: Beetle (Emlen), Chat (Mays), Peacock (Loyau), Peacock (Petrie), Charr (Skarstein), Salmon (Glover), Widowbird tail (Anderson), Widowbird patch (Anderson), Barn owl (Nieche), Finch (Badyaev), Stickleback (Barber), Partridge (Bortolotti), Deer (Pelabon), Lion >2.2 length (West), Lion >2.2 darkness (West), Lion >5 length (West), Lion >5 darkness (West), Beetle WA (Moczek), Beetle NC (Moczek), Earwig (Tomkins), Great tit (Norris), Crab duration (Hyatt), Crab acts (Hyatt)
Date made available2016
PublisherThe Royal Society

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