Area2_Bump: macaque somatosensory area 2 spiking activity during reaching with perturbations

  • Lee E Miller (Creator)
  • Felix Pei (Contributor)
  • Raeed Chowdhury (Contributor)



This dataset contains sorted unit spiking times and behavioral data from a macaque performing a reaching task with perturbations. In the experimental task, the subject performed delayed center-out reaches using a manipulandum to control a cursor. On a portion of the trials, the manipulandum applied a bump during the center hold prior to the reach. Neural activity was recorded from an electrode array implanted in somatosensory area 2. Hand position, cursor position, force applied to the manipulandum, length and velocity of various arm muscles, and angle and velocity of various arm joints were all recorded during the experiment. Provided as part of the Neural Latents Benchmark:
Date made available2022
PublisherDANDI Archive

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