Biocompatible/Degradable Silk Fibroin:Poly(Vinyl Alcohol)-Blended Dielectric Layer Towards High-Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistor

  • Xinming Zhuang (Contributor)
  • Wei Huang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China) (Creator)
  • Xin Yang (Creator)
  • Shijiao Han (Contributor)
  • Lu Li (Creator)
  • Junsheng Yu (Contributor)



Abstract Biocompatible silk fibroin (SF):poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) blends were prepared as the dielectric layers of organic field-effect transistors (OFETs). Compared with those with pure SF dielectric layer, an optimal threshold voltage of ~0Â V, high on/off ratio of ~104, and enhanced field-effect mobility of 0.22Â cm2/Vs of OFETs were obtained by carefully controlling the weight ratio of SF:PVA blends to 7:5. Through the morphology characterization of dielectrics and organic semiconductors by utilizing atom force microscopy and electrical characterization of the devices, the performance improvement of OFETs with SF:PVA hybrid gate dielectric layers were attributed to the smooth and homogeneous morphology of blend dielectrics. Furthermore, due to lower charge carrier trap density, the OFETs based on SF:PVA-blended dielectric exhibited a higher bias stability than those based on pure SF dielectric.
Date made available2016

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