Accession Number: GSE60778

GPL6887: Illumina MouseWG-6 v2.0 expression beadchip

Organism: Mus musculus

Published on 2014-08-26

We provide evidence that the Unc-51-like kinase 1 (ULK1) is phosphorylated and activated during engagement of the Type I IFN receptor. Our studies demonstrate that the function of ULK1 controls expression of key interferon stimulated genes (ISGs) that mediate important biological functions, including anti-viral and antineoplastic responses.

Overall Design:
Total RNA was isolated from untreated and IFNβ-treated Ulk1/2+/+ and Ulk1/2-/- mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEFs). Cells were treated for 6 hours with or without mouse IFNβ (2500 IU/ml).

Name: Pawel Lisowski
Organization: Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding, Polish Academy of Sciences
Deparment: Molecular Biology
Address: Postepu 1 Jastrzebiec Poland

Organization: Illumina Inc.
Address: 9885 Towne Centre Drive San Diego CA 92121 USA
Phone: 1 800 809 4566
Date made availableAug 26 2014
PublisherGene Expression Omnibus

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