Crystal structure of carboxylesterase/phospholipase family protein from Francisella tularensis

  • Ekaterina V. Filippova (Center for Structural Genomics of Infectious Diseases) (Contributor)
  • Leigh A. Weston (Contributor)
  • Misty L. Kuhn (Contributor)
  • Brett Geissler (Contributor)
  • Alexandra M. Gehring (Contributor)
  • Nicola Armoush (Contributor)
  • Chinessa T. Adkins (Contributor)
  • George Minasov (Contributor)
  • Ievgeniia Dubrovska (Contributor)
  • Ludmilla A Shuvalova (Contributor)
  • James R. Winsor (Contributor)
  • Luke D. Lavis (Contributor)
  • Karla J Satchell (Contributor)
  • Daniel P. Becker (Contributor)
  • Wayne F Anderson (Contributor)
  • R. Jeremy Johnson (Contributor)


Date made availableAug 29 2012
PublisherProtein Data Bank (PDB)

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