Crystal Structure of DAPK1 catalytic domain in complex with the hinge binding fragment 4-methylpyridazine

  • Laurie K. McNamara (Contributor)
  • Joseph S. Brunzelle (United States Department of Energy) (Contributor)
  • James P. Schavocky (Contributor)
  • Daniel M Watterson (Contributor)
  • Valerie Grum-Tokars (Contributor)
  • Saktimayee Mitra Roy (Contributor)
  • Brindasai de Bradaric (Contributor)
  • Adam D. Bachstetter (Contributor)
  • Bin Xing (Contributor)
  • Edgardo R. Dimayuga (Contributor)
  • Faisal Saeed (Contributor)
  • Hong Zhang (Contributor)
  • Agnieszka Staniszewski (Contributor)
  • Jeffrey C. Pelletier (Contributor)
  • George Minasov (Contributor)
  • Wayne F Anderson (Contributor)
  • Ottavio Arancio (Contributor)
  • Linda J. van Eldik (Contributor)


Date made availableMay 13 2015
PublisherProtein Data Bank (PDB)

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