Crystal structure of sterol 14-alpha demethylase (CYP51) from Candida albicans in complex with the tetrazole-based antifungal drug candidate VT1161 (VT1)

  • Tatiana Y. Hargrove (Contributor)
  • Laura Friggeri (Contributor)
  • Zdzislaw Wawrzak (Contributor)
  • Aidong Qi (Contributor)
  • William J. Hoekstra (Contributor)
  • Robert J. Schotzinger (Contributor)
  • John D. York (Contributor)
  • F. Peter Guengerich (Contributor)
  • Galina I. Lepesheva (Contributor)


Date made availableMar 15 2017
PublisherProtein Data Bank (PDB)

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