Data for: The 1952 Kern County, California Earthquake: A Case Study of Issues in the Analysis of Historical Intensity Data for Estimation of Source Parameters

  • Leah Salditch (Creator)
  • Susan Hough (Contributor)
  • Seth A Stein (Contributor)
  • Bruce D Spencer (Contributor)
  • Edward M. Brooks (Contributor)
  • James S. Neely (Contributor)
  • Madeleine C. Lucas (Contributor)



Felt reports, with original and reinterpreted seismic intensity assignments for the 1952 Kern County, California earthquake. Felt reports are from: U.S. Department of Commerce, Environmental Services Administration, Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1966. Abstracts of earthquake reports for the Pacific Coast and the Western Mountain Region, MSA-74 April, June, July 1952.
Date made availableSep 13 2018
PublisherMendeley Data

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