Data from: Three-month modified Rankin Scale as a determinant of five-year cumulative costs after ischemic stroke: an analysis of 11,136 patients in Korea

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Objective: Stroke is a devastating and costly disease; however, there is a paucity of information on long-term costs and on how they differ according to 3-month modified Rankin scale (mRS), which is a primary outcome variable in acute stroke intervention trials. Methods: We analyzed a prospective multicenter stroke registry (Clinical Research Collaboration for Stroke in Korea) database through linkage with claims data from the National Health Insurance Service with follow up to December 2016. Healthcare expenditures were converted into daily cost individually, and annual and cumulative costs up to 5 years were estimated and compared according to the 3-month mRS. Results: Between January 2011 and November 2013, 11,136 patients were enrolled in the study. The mean age was 68 years, and 58% were men. The median follow-up period was 3.9 years (range 0–5 years). Mean cumulative cost over 5 years was $117,576 US dollar (USD); the cost in the first year after stroke was the highest ($38,152 USD), which increased markedly from the cost a year before stroke ($8,718 USD). The mean 5-year cumulative costs differed significantly according to the 3-month mRS (P
Date made available2019

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