Figure 3 in A scolopocryptopid centipede (Chilopoda: Scolopendromorpha) from Mexican amber: synchrotron microtomography and phylogenetic placement using a combined morphological and molecular data set

  • Gregory D. Edgecombe (Contributor)
  • Varpu Vahtera (Contributor)
  • Stuart R Stock (Contributor)
  • Aki Kallonen (Contributor)
  • Xianghui Xiao (Contributor)
  • Alexander Rack (Contributor)
  • Gonzalo Giribet (Contributor)



Figure 3. Scolopocryptops simojovelensis sp. nov. Visualizations of synchrotron tomography data of holotype. A, B, dorsolateral and oblique anterodorsal views of head. C, ventral view of forcipules. D, lateral view of coxopleuron of left leg 23, anterior to left. Scale bars = 0.5 mm.
Date made available2012

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