Figure 5 in A scolopocryptopid centipede (Chilopoda: Scolopendromorpha) from Mexican amber: synchrotron microtomography and phylogenetic placement using a combined morphological and molecular data set

  • Gregory D. Edgecombe (Contributor)
  • Varpu Vahtera (Contributor)
  • Stuart R Stock (Contributor)
  • Aki Kallonen (Contributor)
  • Xianghui Xiao (Contributor)
  • Alexander Rack (Contributor)
  • Gonzalo Giribet (Contributor)



Figure 5. Single shortest cladogram for six genes in combination (14 465 steps) under parameter set 3221. Numbers above branches are jackknife frequencies> 50%. Navajo rugs below branches depict monophyly (black) or nonmonophyly (white) of clades under the six parameter sets shown at left; grey box indicates monophyly in some but not all shortest cladograms.
Date made available2012

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