FoxA1 inhibits androgen receptor expression and suppresses prostate cancer metastasis [DU145, ChIP-seq]

  • Longtao Wu (Contributor)
  • Jung Kim (Contributor)
  • Jindan Yu (Contributor)



FoxA1 has been shown critical for prostate development and prostate-specific gene expression regulation. In addition to its well-established role as an AR pioneering factor,several studies have recently revealed significant AR binding events in prostate cancer cells with FoxA1 knockdown. Furthermore, the role of FoxA1 itself in prostate cancer has not been carefully examined. Thus, it is important to understand the role of FoxA1 in prostate cancer and how it interacts with AR signaling. ChIP-Seq examination of AR and FoxA1 binding sites, FAIRE-seq detection of open chromatin genomic regions in DU145 AR +/- FOXA1 cells
Date made available2014

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