Identification of hormone-correlated genes as biomarkers for menstrual cycle phases and menopausal status



Accession Number: GSE36318

GPL6884: Illumina HumanWG-6 v3.0 expression beadchip

Organism: Homo sapiens

Published on 2014-07-30

Gene and protein expression in the breast varies relative to menopausal status (MS) and menstrual phase (MP), but cancer risk biomarker research using archived benign breast samples is usually uninformed by MS-MP data. We hypothesized that gene expression variation relative to ambient hormones can be exploited to develop markers of MS-MP that can be measured directly in breast tissue.

Overall Design:
Random fine needle aspiration samples from the unaffected breasts of 18 women were utilized for Illumina microarray analysis. Gene expression was correlated with simultaneous serum levels of estradiol, progesterone, and follicle stimulating hormone (FSH). True MS-MP states were defined by age and serum hormones. Genes highly correlated to serum hormones were used to classify samples into 2 MS groups: premenopause or postmenopause. The premenopausal samples were further classified into 3 MP groups: early follicular, late follicular or luteal.

Name: Jun Wang
Organization: Northwestern University
Laboratory: Seema A. Khan
Deparment: Department of Surgery
Address: 303 E Superior Street Chicago IL 60611 USA
Phone: 312-503-5340

Organization: Illumina Inc.
Address: 9885 Towne Centre Drive San Diego CA 92121 USA
Phone: 1 800 809 4566
Date made available2014
PublisherGene Expression Omnibus

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