Institutional Infrastructure for Data Sharing



Open and inclusive science and FAIR Practices (Findable Accessible Interoperable Reusable) are increasingly a requirement of good scholarship, driven by changing funder and cultural expectations to research access. This presentation will address openness in the context of knowledge equity and translation, explore tools and strategies to establish and advance local data policy priorities, and also introduce the InvenioRDM software project and collaborative open source community. We’re leveraging InvenioRDM, a turnkey born-interoperable research data management (RDM) repository and data index to empower discovery, reuse, and impact of a wide range of digital artifacts through best practice standards and technologies. Development is carried out by a multi-national partnership which includes CERN, Northwestern University, and over 20 other collaborators, representing academic, research, cultural, funding, and industry collaborators from around the world.
Date made availableSep 29 2021

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