Invenio RDM: A collaborative, community-driven research data management platform

  • Zenodo RDM Collaborators (Creator)
  • Kristi Holmes (Creator)
  • Lars Holm Nielsen (Creator)



Research Data Management (RDM) platforms play an important role in todays research ecosystem to disseminate and archive, enable reproducibility, and empower reuse. RDM platforms allow researchers to share and preserve scientific results and support the sharing of a wide variety of resources, from publications and presentations to datasets, software, policy documents, and workflows. Research funding agencies around the world have also recognized the huge potential economic and social benefits of RDMs and support their use in research preservation and dissemination. CERN has partnered with more than 10 international multidisciplinary institutions and companies to build a turn-key open source research data management platform called Invenio RDM, and grow a diverse community to sustain the platform. We seek to make Invenio RDM a world-leading extensible research data management platform used by research institutions all around the world and with businesses providing services, support and customizations on top of Invenio RDM. Invenio RDM includes existing Zenodo features, such as DOI minting capabilities, versioning support, and COUNTER compliant usage statistics, to name a few. Transforming Zenodo into a general purpose RDM-platform will focus on improvements to the core repository (especially to support next-generation repository standards), packaging and distribution to support easy implementation, and customization and extendability. This presentation will provide an update to the community about this work, describe our development roadmap, share interdisciplinary key use cases for this work, and gather real-time audience input.

This work is supported by the CERN Knowledge Transfer Fund; participating partners (to date) include: Brookhaven National Laboratory, Caltech Library, Data Futures, Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Northwestern University, OpenAIRE, TIND, Tübitak, Universität Hamburg, and the University of Münster; and the NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, Grant Number U24TR002306, to the US Center for Data to Health (CD2H).
Date made availableOct 13 2019

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