MOESM2 of Skeletal light-scattering accelerates bleaching response in reef-building corals

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Additional file 2: Figure S2. Dynamics of bleaching response variables for corals grouped by $$ \mu ^{\prime}_{{S,m}} $$ μ S , m ′ . Panels (a–h) aligned into columns defined by experimental conditions (CT-CL: control temperature [26 °C] and light [83 μmol quanta m−2 s−1], CT-HL: control temperature and high light [328 μmol quanta m−2 s−1], HT-CL: high temperature [32 °C] and control light, and HT-HL: high temperature and high light; shaded areas are control). Responses of high- (gray line) and low- $$ \mu ^{\prime}_{{S,m}} $$ μ S , m ′ (black line) corals for (a) holobiont reflectance (dashed lines are the corresponding post-experiment skeletal reflectance), (b) Symbiodinium cell density, (c) chlorophyll a density per Symbiodinium cell, (d) maximal photosynthetic efficiency, (e) effective quantum yield of photosystem II, (f) excitation pressure over photosystem II, (g) non-photochemical quenching, and (h) non-regulated heat dissipation. All error bars are standard error.
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