MOESM9 of Skeletal light-scattering accelerates bleaching response in reef-building corals

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Additional file 9: Figure S6. Experimental setup. High temperature aquarium encompassing the HT-CL and HT-HL conditions on day 11 of the bleaching experiment (a); black divider separating light arrays, flow baffles, and mounted corals can be seen. Collecting PAM measurements in the control temperature aquarium within the CT-CL condition (CT-HL on the opposite side of black divider) on day 11 of the bleaching experiment (b); positioning of the PAM instrument probes above the coral explants mounted on stone tiles can be seen. Close up of probe holder (custom-machined acrylic block that ensures probes are returned to each explant in the same three-dimensional geometry as previous measurements) supported at a 23° angle by square PVC post (gray) attached to the coral-mounting tile (c); probes are (left to right) temperature, O2 (data not reported), and PAM fiber optic immobilized in a black PVC tube. Control temperature aquarium encompassing the CT-CL and CT-HL conditions (HT aquarium in background) during acclimation period prior to prescreening and fragmentation (d); photograph taken before installation of the flow baffles and black divider separating light arrays. Hand-held optical fiber attached to a spectrometer to measure R H (and R S of cleaned skeleton) with white reflectance standard visible in the background (e). Consent to publish these images has been documented.
Date made available2016

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