NMR Relaxometry data for publication "Engineered Nonviral Protein Cages Modified for MR Imaging"

  • Megan A. Kaster (Contributor)
  • Mikail D. Levasseur (Contributor)
  • Thomas G.W. Edwardson (Contributor)
  • Michael Caldwell (Contributor)
  • Daniela Hofmann (Contributor)
  • Giulia Licciardi (Contributor)
  • Giacomo Parigi (Contributor)
  • Claudio Luchinat (Contributor)
  • Donald Hilvert (Contributor)
  • Thomas J Meade (Contributor)



NMRD profiles collected with field-cycling NMR relaxometry of a water solution of Gd-C4-IA, and of AaLS-13 and OP protein cages labeled with the gadolinium(III) complex. Published in: https://doi.org/10.1021/acsabm.2c00892 NMRD data acquisition and analysis was performed with the support of the PRIN 2017A2KEPL project “Rationally designed nanogels embedding paramagnetic ions as MRI. probes”, and the European Commision through H2020 FET-Open project HIRES-MULTIDYN award no. 899683 and H2020 INFRAIA iNEXT-Discovery (Structural Biology Research Infrastructures for Translational Research and Discovery) award no. 871037.
Date made availableJan 10 2023

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