Optical light curves of SN 2016hnk

  • Wynn V. Jacobson-Galán (Contributor)
  • Abigail Polin (Creator)
  • R. J. Foley (Creator)
  • Georgios Dimitriadis (Creator)
  • Charles Donald Kilpatrick (Creator)
  • Raffaella Margutti (Center for Interdisciplinary Exploration and Research in Astrophysics (CIERA) (Creator)
  • D. A. Coulter (Creator)
  • Saurabh W. Jha (Creator)
  • D. O. Jones (Creator)
  • R. Kirshner (Creator)
  • Y. C. Pan (Creator)
  • A. L. Piro (Creator)
  • A. Rest (Creator)
  • C. Rojas-Bravo (Creator)
  • R. J. Foley (Creator)
  • C. D. Kilpatrick (Creator)
  • Raffaella Margutti (Creator)
  • D. A. Coulter (Creator)
  • S.W. Jha (Creator)
  • Y. C. Pan (Creator)
  • A. L. Piro (Creator)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'Ca hnk: the calcium-rich transient supernova 2016hnk from a helium shell detonation of a sub-Chandrasekhar white dwarf.' (bibcode: 2020ApJ...896..165J)
Date made available2021
PublisherCentre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS)

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