physiopy/phys2bids: BIDS formatting of physiological recordings

  • Daniel Alcalá (Creator)
  • Apoorva Ayyagari (Creator)
  • Katie Bottenhorn (Creator)
  • Molly Bright (Creator)
  • Cesar Caballero-Gaudes (Creator)
  • Inés Chavarría (Creator)
  • Vicente Ferrer (Creator)
  • Soichi Hayashi (Creator)
  • Vittorio Iacovella (Creator)
  • François Lespinasse (Creator)
  • Ross Markello (Creator)
  • Stefano Moia (Creator)
  • Robert Oostenveld (Creator)
  • Taylor Salo (Creator)
  • Rachael C. Stickland (Creator)
  • Eneko Uruñuela (Creator)
  • Merel van der Thiel (Creator)
  • Kristina M. Zvolanek (Creator)



:tada: This release contains work from a new contributor! :tada: Thank you, Stefano Moia (@smoia), for all your work! 🐛 Bug Fix Rename "run" into "take" for clearer purposes and fix naming convention in multi-take overlapping #427 (@smoia) Fix trigger plots when trigger has different sampling than time #426 (@smoia) Prevent slicing from terminating program if end of last slice is above maximum timepoints. #425 (@smoia) Update trigger threshold guess estimation to mean of trigger channel #377 (@62442katieb) 📝 Documentation Update contributors list #423 ( @smoia) ⚠️ Tests Fix testing enviroment by using apt-get install build-essential rather than apt-get install make #413 (@vinferrer) 🏠 Internal Add @drombas as contributor #416 (@smoia) Authors: 4 Katie Bottenhorn (@62442katieb) smoia ( Stefano Moia (@smoia) Vicente Ferrer (@vinferrer)
Date made available2022

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