Reference solutions for "A validated non-linear Kelvin-Helmholtz benchmark for numerical hydrodynamics"



This dataset contains hdf5 files with reference solutions to the validated non-linear Kelvin-Helmholtz benchmark problem described in Lecoanet et al. (2016). The hdf5 files include snapshots at t=2, 4, 6, 8 for the Re=10^5 D4096 simulation with Δρ/ρ0=1 (5_4096_2_*.h5), the Re=10^5 D2048 simulation with Δρ/ρ0=0 (5_2048_1_*.h5), and the Re=10^6 D2048 simulation with Δρ/ρ0=0 (6_2048_1_*.h5). The velocity, density, temperature, and dye field are contained in the tasks group. The exact output time and the grid are contained in the scales group.
Date made available2016

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