Research data supporting "Melt-Quenched Glasses of Metal-Organic Frameworks"

  • Yuanzheng Yue (Contributor)
  • Thomas D. Bennett (Contributor)
  • Giulio I. Lampronti (Contributor)
  • Simon A T Redfern (Contributor)
  • Peng Li (Contributor)
  • Ang Qiao (Contributor)
  • Haizheng Tao (Contributor)
  • Neville G. Greaves (Contributor)
  • Tom Richards (Contributor)
  • Frédéric Blanc (Contributor)
  • Omar k Farha (Contributor)
  • Joseph T Hupp (Contributor)
  • Anthony K. Cheetham (Contributor)
  • David A. Keen (Contributor)



NMR Data
Date made availableMar 1 2016
PublisherUniversity of Cambridge

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