Supermarq: A Scalable Quantum Benchmark Suite - Artifact Evaluation for HPCA 2022

  • Teague Tomesh (Contributor)
  • Pranav Gokhale (Contributor)
  • Victory Omole (Contributor)
  • Gokul Subramanian Ravi (Contributor)
  • Kaitlin N. Smith (Contributor)
  • Joshua Viszlai (Contributor)
  • Xin Chuan Wu (Contributor)
  • Nikos Hardavellas (Contributor)
  • Margaret Martonosi (Contributor)
  • Frederic T. Chong (Contributor)



The source code and instructions for creating the benchmarks and figures from the paper are zipped in supermarq_hpca_ae.tgz. Please see the for detailed instructions.
Date made availableDec 16 2021

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