Supplementary Material for: Clinical Outcomes of Patients with C3G or IC-MPGN Treated with the Factor D Inhibitor Danicopan: Final Results from Two Phase 2 Studies

  • Carla Nester (Contributor)
  • Gerald Appel (Contributor)
  • Andrew S. Bomback (Contributor)
  • K. Bouman (Contributor)
  • H. T. Cook (Contributor)
  • Erica Daina (Contributor)
  • Bradley P. Dixon (Contributor)
  • Kara Rice (Contributor)
  • Nader Najafian (Contributor)
  • James Hui (Contributor)
  • Craig Langman (Contributor)
  • Liz Lightstone (Contributor)
  • Samir V. Parikh (Contributor)
  • Matthew C. Pickering (Contributor)
  • C. John Sperati (Contributor)
  • Howard Trachtman (Contributor)
  • James Tumlin (Contributor)
  • Jack Wetzels (Contributor)
  • Giuseppe Remuzzi (Contributor)



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