tock/tock: Tock 2.1 Release Candidate 1

  • Brad Campbell (Creator)
  • Amit Levy (Creator)
  • Philip Levis (Creator)
  • Pat Pannuto (Creator)
  • Alistair Francis (Creator)
  • Alexandru Radovici (Creator)
  • Hudson Ayers (Creator)
  • Leon Schuermann (Creator)
  • Niklas Adolfsson (Creator)
  • gendx (Creator)
  • Branden Ghena (Creator)
  • Vochescu Alexandru (Creator)
  • lebakassemmerl (Creator)
  • Johnathan Van Why (Creator)
  • Daniel B. Giffin (Creator)
  • Hubert Teo (Creator)
  • Rajiv M Ranganath (Creator)
  • Cosmin-Daniel Radu (Creator)
  • Ian McIntyre (Creator)
  • Jett Rink (Creator)
  • Sebastian Lund (Creator)
  • Armin Namavari (Creator)
  • Bogdan Grigoruță (Creator)
  • Louis Thiery (Creator)
  • AnthonyQ619 (Creator)
  • Ioana Culic (Creator)
  • Arjun Deopujari (Creator)
  • Vadim Sukhomlinov (Creator)
  • Joshua Adkins (Creator)



This is the first testing release for Tock 2.1! Tock 2.1 represents a year of general improvements since our last release. It includes code size improvements, progress towards stable Rust, and numerous core kernel improvements, new chip drivers, new platforms, and bug fixes. Importantly, this release will be the first post-2.0 release which libtock-rs can soundly target, thanks to the additional guarantees provided in Tock 2.1 regarding allow-buffer swapping and callback-swapping. A full change list will be included with the final release notes.
Date made available2022

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