Behavioral Phenotyping Core Facility

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The Behavioral Phenotyping Core (BPC) helps investigators examine their mice and rats for changes in behavior. BPC's mission is to make available to funded research projects a facility to determine the behavioral effects of genetic manipulations, potential pharmaceuticals, aging, and other manipulations upon normal behavior, and the learning and memory capacities of rodents used as model systems. We can also work with PIs needing to gather pilot data. Individuals wishing to use the BPC are encouraged to contact Dr. Craig Weiss during the design stage of the project.  The selection of animal strain, age and gender should be considered carefully.  Contact Dr. Weiss to discuss  selections.  For a discussion of gender differences affecting research with humans see:


Behavioral Genetics
Drug products


  • Animal Preclinical Services
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Learning and memory
  • Sensory/motor testing


  • Pain &amp
  • Tactile Sensitivity
  • DigiGait: Automated gait analysis
  • Zero Maze (Anxiety)
  • Startle Response System
  • PrePulse Inhibition
  • Rotorod (mouse)
  • Water Maze (rat and mouse sizes)
  • Fear Conditioning
  • Open Field
  • Y maze
  • Stereotaxic device
  • ACUC Protocols
  • Research planning and design
  • Morris Water Maze test (spatial memory)
  • Eyeblink conditioning (temporal memory)
  • Fear conditioning (emotional memory)
  • Surgery facility with sterotaxic for mice &amp
  • rats
  • Training for PIs and Lab members
  • Open field testing
  • Object Recognition (declarative memory)
  • Y maze (memory
  • spontaneous alternation)
  • Behavior
  • Behavioral