CCM Rodent (Preclinical) Technical Services Unit

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The Northwestern University's Rodent (Preclinical) Technical Services Unit (RTSU) within the Center for Comparative Medicine (CCM) was created to advance the research and medical mission of Northwestern University.  The RTSU is committed to providing the animal biomedical research community with high quality technical expertise to support research projects. This unit serves investigators on the Chicago and Evanston campus. The RTSU professional service group is comprised of CCM team members who have had constant training and retraining under the supervision of the CCM Training and Assurance Unit.  Our goal is to apply GLP-like standards in conducting the research.




  • Specimen Preparation
  • Sample Preparation
  • Consultation
  • Training
  • Animal Preclinical Services


  • Drug Dosing Studies/Compound Administration (Oral
  • Topical
  • IV
  • SC and IP)
  • Blood Collection (Submandibular
  • Retro-Orbital and Tail Vein)
  • Animal Identification (Ear Tag
  • Ear Punch or Tail Tattoo)
  • Tail Biopsy
  • Administration of Special Feed or Fluid
  • Weighing of Animals