Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology

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The Center for Sleep and Circadian Biology's fundamental mission is to advance our understanding of rhythms in health and disease. The Center will be dedicated to supporting research of sleep, circadian, gene expression, endocrine, behavioral, and reproductive rhythms in rodent models. Equipment, experimental housing, and experienced personnel are available to carry out a wide range of experimental designs. The Center will also offer training and consulting in experimental design and data analysis of rhythm studies. 


Design of experiments
Gene expression
Data reduction


  • Statistical analysis of cyclic data using circular distribution or curve-fitting algorithms
  • Recording and analysis of rodent sleep by Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Electromyogram (EMG)
  • Quantification of rhythm parameters such as amplitude
  • phase
  • or period
  • for a variety of data types
  • Single-sex housing environments
  • Monitoring of estrous cycle
  • Cycle-timed behavioral tests
  • experimental manipulations
  • or food availability
  • Time-specific administration of test compounds or sample collection including in darkness with infrared viewer
  • Recording of feeding or drinking behavior rhythms
  • Recording of body temperature rhythms
  • Recording locomotor activity rhythms by wheel-running
  • InfraRed beam break
  • or telemetry
  • Non-standard temporal environments for housing study animals