Flow Cytometry Core Facility - Cancer Center

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      Olson Pavillion, Room #8-505-11 and #8-527 710 North Fairbanks Court Chicago, IL 60611


    The recognition of the complexity of flow cytometric analysis has caused many journals and granting organizations to scrutinize flow data. Thus the core flow lab is becoming an important research resource as well as service provider and a prudent investment for academic institutions. The challenge for the academic core facility is to meet both the scientific and technical mission by providing high quality services in a cost-effective and timely manner. Serving 175+ investigators on the Chicago and Evanston Campuses, with 3 sorters and 6 benchtop analyzers with 16+ color capabilities, we have developed a paradigm to balance productivity with quality to minimize the cost per research project, keep overall costs contained, and provide the necessary scientific support. Central to this paradigm is a close working relationship with investigators to define their projects in the early stages of development to make optimal and efficient use of flow cytometry.


    Flow cytometry


    • Analytical
    • Characterization
    • Consultation
    • Data Storage/Off-Line Analysis
    • Other
    • Sample Preparation
    • Training


    • BD FACSAria SORP 5 - Laser Cell Sorter
    • BD FACSAria SORP 4 - Laser Cell Sorter
    • BD FACSAria IIu SORP 3 - Laser Cell Sorter
    • BD LSRFortessa SORP 6 - Laser Flow Cytometer
    • BD LSRII 5-Laser Flow Cytometer
    • Beckman Coulter Vi-CELL
    • Off-line computer work stations
    • FACS
    • High Speed Cell Sorting
    • Complex Multi-parametric Analyses (8 color or more)
    • Data Analysis
    • Consultation on Experimental Design/ Data Interpretation/Troubleshooting
    • New Assay Development
    • Sample Preparation
    • Immunophenotyping
    • Cell Counting