High Throughput Analysis Laboratory

Equipment/facility: Facility

  • Location

    Hogan Bldg, 2-100 2205 Tech Drive Evanston, IL 60208


The High Throughput Analysis Laboratory (HTAL) provides academic, industrial, and private researchers with equipment and expertise for the development and execution of high throughput biological analysis and screening. The facility is fully equipped with state-of-the-art liquid handling, plate detection and automated microbial culture handling capabilities.




  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Consultation
  • Fluorescence/Photonic Microscopy
  • High speed Imaging
  • Image Analysis
  • Imaging
  • Imaging Software
  • Life science imaging
  • Real-Time PCR


  • TTP Mosquito Crystallization Robot
  • Thermal Scanning Fluorimetry
  • ThermoFluo
  • Thermal shift
  • Protein ligand screen
  • Robotic liquid handling workstations (micro-liter and nano-liter)
  • Filter-based and monochromator-based multimode microplate readers (Absorbance
  • fluorescence
  • luminescence)
  • ArrayScan VTi high throughout fluorescence imaging system for cellular and high content analysis
  • Real time PCR RT-PCR Bio-rad iQ5 (96-well)
  • CFX384 (384-well)
  • FLIPR (96-well and 384-well) for ion channel and GPCR assays
  • QPix II high throughput colony picking and replication system
  • Multi-mode plate reader Synergy4 for absorbance
  • fluorescence ( intensity
  • anisotropy / polarization )
  • luminescence with spectral capability. Equipped with two on-board injectors and special filters for AlphaScreen .
  • Image Xpress Micro High Content Screening System
  • Assay development
  • enzymatic
  • binding
  • RNAi library (Human and mouse)
  • Small molecule chemical compound libraries
  • High throughput data analysis
  • Data automation
  • Nano-liter liquid handling Nanoliter